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EPC (Energy Perfomance Certificate)

All domestic buildings in the UK available to buy or rent must have an energy performance certificate (EPC). We can arrange for a qualified assessor to inspect and prepare a certificate for you at a competetive rate. Once obtained, the certificate will be valid for a period of 10 years.

The certificate will tell you how energy efficient a building is and give it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (very inefficient) and should help you identify ways to save money on your engergy bills. It will indicate how costly the building will be to heat and light, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be. It will also state what the energy efficient rating could be if improvements are made, and highlights cost-effective ways to achieve a better rating. Even if you rent your home, some improvements noted on the EPC might be worth your while - such as switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs.

Buildings that don’t need an EPC include:
- Places of worship
- Temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years
- Stand-alone buildings with total useful floor space of less than 50 square metres
- Industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings that don’t use a lot of energy
- Some buildings that are due to be demolished
- Holiday accommodation that’s rented out for less than 4 months a year or is let under a licence to occupy
- Listed buildings
- Residential buildings intended to be used less than 4 months a year

Contact either one of our offices if you would like to order an EPC or have any queries concerning the certificate.
Henley Office - 01491 411 911 or the Watlington Office 01491 614 000. 




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