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Tenant's Guide

We have set out below a brief guide to the various steps involved in renting a property
  Your Offer- Once you have found you a suitable property, you will be in a position to make an offer to the landlord for consideration. Please note that any offer you make will be subject to fulfilling our reference criteria. At this point, you will be requested to provide a registration fee.
Agreeing the Let - As soon as your offer has been accepted by the landlord, we will apply for references and draw up the relevant documentation which will for the basis of the agreement between you and the landlord. You will be expected to provide identification and proof of residency and only the following forms of identification are accepted:

 Utility bill (less than 3 months old) - Full driving license - Council tax bill (less than 3 months old) - Mobile phone bill (less than 3 months old)

References- We will also contact your employer and your landlord (if you are in rented accommodation already). Your previous employer will also be contacted if you have recently changed jobs. If you are self employed we will need to contact your accountant. A credit check will also be conducted. To assist us in collating the necessary references, it would be advantageous for you to warn the above individuals in advance that references are required. Occasionally, a guarantor will be required if, for example the tenant has not been continuously employed for the past 18 months; has been working abroad in the previous 6 months; the tenants’ income falls short of our criteria or the tenants’ employment is considered as changeable. Please note that the same referencing and credit criteria applies to the guarantor.

Tenancy Agreement – An appointment will be arranged with you to visit our offices to sign the Tenancy Agreement when all references have been received. The Landlord will also be asked to sign their copy of the document.

Rent and Deposit – You will be required to provide cleared funds for the agreed sum of rent and deposit before taking possession of the property. The deposit is required against loss, damage or charges payable at the termination of the tenancy. The deposit will be held by in our clients’ account and is fully bonded. It is returnable in full at the end of the tenancy, subject to final inspection of the property, and it should be noted that deductions will also be made for cleaning should the property (and garden areas) not have been left in a satisfactory condition. Rent is paid monthly in advance commencing on the first day of the tenancy and then on the same day each month thereafter. The preferred method is by bank standing order.         

Please note that all monies paid at the commencement of the agreement should be in cleared funds, unless they are paid a minimum of seven working days prior to occupation.

Fees - We charge a registration fee of £180 (including VAT) plus £48 per adult person (including VAT) which is non refundable, even if a tenancy is refused on the grounds of references or if the tenant withdraws from taking the property.
Company Let - Company applications are acceptable where the company will be paying the rent. The fee will be £180 (including VAT) plus £48 per adult person (including VAT).

Check in and Condition Report - If so instructed by the Landlord, an inventory will be prepared by an independent inventory clerk and a Check-In report will coincide with the commencement of the tenancy.

Other Points of Interest:

1. The Tenant will be responsible for insuring their own possessions

2. The Tenant will take over all utilities such as Gas, Electricity, Water/Sewage charges, Council Tax & Telephone upon moving into the property and will be responsible for contacting the relevant suppliers accordingly prior to commencement of the tenancy.

3. The Landlord is responsible for any repair/maintenance problems to appliances etc. but the Tenant is responsible for any breakages, which should be reported immediately.

4. Decoration of the property must only be done with your Landlord’s permission

5. No pets are allowed unless the Landlord has given consent

6. Reasonable notice will be given in the event that the Letting Agent or Landlord wishes to inspect the property outside pre-agreed times. It is usual for us to inspect the property at least twice during the term of your Tenancy and the Tenancy Agreement should cover this eventuality.

7. Most lets are for 12 months, although some Landlords may consider shorter terms of say 6 months.

8. Should you wish to quit your Tenancy earlier than the agreed term, you will be liable for all rent until the end of the agreed Tenancy. However, it may be worth considering negotiating a break clause with the Landlord which, for example, could entitle you to give notice after 4 months. In this case, you would only be liable for the rent for the notice period of 2 months, releasing you from the remaining 6 months of a 12 month Tenancy.

9. There is no set law regarding the time limit for returning deposits but this is normally subsequent to the final inspection of the property. We encourage Landlords to employ a professional inventory agent to conduct the inspection and produce a report as to the condition of the interior at the beginning of the Tenancy and again at the end but this is not obligatory. The deposit will be returned once any damages are ascertained by the Tenant/Landlord/Inventory Clerk and appropriate deductions agreed.

10. The most common type of Tenancy Agreement is the assured short hold (AST) used for 6-12 month lets and usually takes the form of a standard contract between both parties.

 11. We will deal with the property viewings, references, agreements and getting you moved in. If we have been instructed to manage the property then you will normally report any repairs or queries to us. If not, then you will deal directly with the Landlord.


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